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V600 and V600CE Focused Ion Beams

The V600 Family comprises the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective circuit edit tools available for semiconductor labs. They enable fast, versatile modification and analysis with a single-column, focused ion beam (FIB) that effectively delivers high throughput circuit modification, cross-sectioning, and failure analysis. The V600 Family includes hardware and software extensions to address advanced circuit edit requirements below 65 nm, delivering the most cost-effective solutions for immediate and future requirements.

Learn more about the V600 FIB line of instruments below.

Featuring FEI's most advanced 30 kV, 5 nm Sidewinder ion column, each member of the V600 Family is supremely capable of high-resolution imaging, milling, and quick access to subsurface features on a broad range of materials. Mid-column steering for low-voltage operations minimizes damage in TEM-sample lamellas while high-current operation ensures rapid material removal and increased sample throughput.

Featured Tools in the V600 Family

With its five-axis piezo stage, the V600FIB offers uncompromised tilt and cross-sectioning capabilities on a wide range of samples, from packaged parts to full 200mm wafers. An industry-recognized Windows-based operating system accommodates field-proven, xT-application-specific software, including Frame-Jump Navigation to minimize damage to your samples. With the V600FIB, you have the power to perform circuit modifications in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks-which is the key to dramatically accelerated analysis and yield ramps in your lab. It also offers the next generation of flexibility and performance required for effective cross-sectioning, imaging, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation

The new V600CE features the NanoChemix™ gas delivery system to deliver more advanced edit capability. It is the most versatile gas delivery system on the market, enabling the FIB operator to apply variable pressures of a wide variety of gases for unrivaled process control and optimization. The ability to blend gases through dual, opposing nozzles provides superior quality dielectric deposition material for insulating critical regions of an edit. The dual nozzle based delivery is also invaluable for maintaining floor uniformity or planarity while accessing lower metal layers of a device. The FEI NanoChemix gas delivery system supports delivery of these five gases for more advanced edit capability:

XeF2 - Etch for Dielectric (SiO2) and low-k
H2O (O2) - Etch for organics and copper cutting
Cl2 - Etch for aluminum and silicon
TMCTS - Insulator Deposition (SiO2) with O2
Tungsten Hexacarbonyl - Tungsten Deposition

The V600CE includes advanced software that improves circuit editing precision and end-pointing control to increase circuit edit success rates.

Extend the capabilities of the V600CE with the IR microscope and Bulk Si trenching package. A near infrared microscope permits imaging of target structures through front side dielectric and backside bulk silicon for fast, accurate navigation. The bulk silicon trenching hardware includes a special coaxial gas delivery nozzle that accelerates bulk silicon etching for faster access to circuitry from the backside.

  • Circuit Edit
  • Failure Analysis
  • TEM Lamella Preparation