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Inspect™ Scanning Electron Microscope

With advanced chamber vacuum technology, the Inspect™ line of scanning electron microscopes (SEM) builds on FEI’s world-class electron optics and sample throughput technologies. When inspection, characterization, process control and failure analysis are important, the Inspect S50 and Inspect F50 models’ high-resolution imaging is a must. The intuitive user interface and software, with all functions required to record and store an image accessed directly via a tool bar, is well suited for a multi-user environment while full stage access to accommodate a range of specimen holders adds value and flexibility for a range of uses.


The Inspect™ line of tools includes two scanning electron microscopes , one SEM with tungsten and another SEM with FEG, for use where high-resolution imaging is routine. These cost-effective, flexible, state-of-the-art scanning electron microscopes are built using FEI’s advanced technology, making them valuable for industrial manufacturers and researchers working with material characterization and inspection applications. These systems can accommodate cryo stages, EDS, WDS and EBSD and are flexible, solid performers. The tungsten Inspect S has both high and low vacuum modes standard and is ideal for routine analysis. The Inspect F is a high current FEG SEM meeting the needs for solid analytical performance and reliability. These instruments are well suited for research, quality and inspection activities.

The Inspect S50 is the industry's leading low-vacuum scanning electron microscope (SEM) platform with high-resolution capabilities using thermal emission electron optics. While the low-vacuum settings are particularly useful for inspection and characterization of non-conductive and heavily contaminated materials, the system also minimizes sample preparation complexity for charge-free imaging and analysis. The Inspect S also has significant high-vacuum resolution that enhances its flexibility and ability to work with diverse sample types and a wide range of throughput.

For high-brightness, high-current, high-resolution imaging, the Inspect F50 , a SEM equipped with a Schottky Field Emission source, provides clear, sharp and noise-free imaging. In combination with the optimized analytical chamber geometry and its four-axis, motorized tilt, eucentric specimen stage, the high- and stable beam current makes this tool well suited for (automated) short- and long-time EDS, WDS and EBSD analysis and mapping. The system's excellent lateral resolution enables easy detection of low-Z elements at low beam energies, adding value and flexibility to the Inspect F50.


Materials Qualification

The latest materials advancements are taking place at the nanoscale. Novel nano-structured materials, carbon nanotubes, nano-crystals and nano-particles require 2D and 3D characterization and qualification. FEI's imaging and analysis tools are capable of an imaging and analytical range from a few nanometer resolutions down to sub-Ângström resolution.

Wide-range scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and TEM) provides the resolution required to qualify these materials for nanomaterials preparation and processes. Structural information, such as morphology and crystallography, as well as chemical, magnetic and electrical, strain and stress information can be obtained with various degrees of resolution and a wide variety of sample classes.

DualBeam™ microscopy adds the power of the focused ion beam (FIB) for site-specific cross-sectioning in order to gain a better understanding of the materials below their surfaces.