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Nova™ NanoSEM Scanning Electon Microscope

Three quality nanoscale research tools comprise the Nova NanoSEM line of scanning electron microscopes , including the Nova NanoSEM 230, Nova NanoSEM 430, and the Nova NanoSEM 630. All Nova scanning electron microscopes include low-vacuum capability, and are ideal for the diverse imaging, analytical and sample preparation demands found in research labs, semiconductor and data storage labs and fabs, industrial applications and related industries. Nova systems can accommodate EBIC, cryo stages, STEM, EDS, WDS and EBSD.

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The FEI Nova™ NanoSEM line of SEMs provides high-quality nanoscale research tools for a variety of applications that involve sample characterization, analysis, prototyping, and S/TEM sample preparation. With a range of models with ESEM technology and two DualBeam™ systems.

Featured Instruments
The new FEI Nova NanoSEM 30 Series brings superior low voltage resolution and high surface sensitivity imaging to the Nova Family of Ultra high Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (UhR FE-SEM). A Schottky emitter allows for high stability emission and high current modes while the immersion lens optimizes secondary electron collection. Additionally, the new Nova NanoSEM features a helix detector that delivers high resolution images in low vacuum as well as at low kV. The 230 [PDF 234KB] and 430 systems feature 50 x 50 mm and 100 x 100 mm 5-axis motorized stages, respectively. The 630 system is equipped with a 5-axis high precision and stability 150 x 150 mm piezo stage.

Advantages and Capabilities
The Nova NanoSEM tools are ultra-high resolution FEG-SEMs with the world's only high-resolution, low-vacuum imaging capabilities for spectacular nanoscale characterization on charging and/or contaminating nanotech materials. The Nova NanoSEMs are available in three different stage sizes: 6" (150mm), 4" (100mm) or 2" (50mm).

  • Defect Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • in situ NanoProcesses
  • Materials Qualification