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StrataTM 400 DualBeamTM and STEM Family

The Ultimate Solution for Sample Preparation and Analysis

As process geometries shrink below 100 nm and materials change, the challenges you face in the semiconductor laboratory are quickly growing in complexity. Nevertheless,to succeed and survive in this industry your company needsto be right the first time, first to market and fast to volume.To meet this demand it is essential that your laboratorydeliver the most complete and reliable sample management.The highest-quality preparation, imaging and analyticalcapabilities are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity forefficient failure analysis and characterization. Drawing onFEI’s undisputed technology leadership in the dual-beammarket and pioneering legacy in subsurface imaging, the Strata product family features high-quality, streamlinedtools that accelerate time to volume, increase yields andreduce costs. Leveraging the Strata family, your lab isready to meet today’s fast-paced challenges and ensuresuccess into future technology nodes.

Enjoy these key benefits:
• Fast and simple high-resolution, high-contrast STEM imaging for complete structural analysis
• Rapidly characterize process and defect excursions
• Speed your time to answer by performing material and defect analysis on a single tool that delivers high-resolution images and compositional data
• Versatile sample handling optimizes cost of ownership
• Hands-off operation using TEM and SEM sample-preparation software
• Reduced training requirements and optimum system utilization with automated routines

The Strata 400 provides high-throughput cross-sectioning andautomated TEM-sample preparation, utilizing the Sidewinder ioncolumn and high performance sample stage. The Strata 400 STEMincludes integrated sample lift-out and handling, with SEM-STEM imaging to enable high-contrast, high-resolution analysis.

Speed your time to answer
The Strata 400 product family of DualBeams (FIB/SEM) provides a single source for complete sample management. Preparation, imaging and analysis can now be accomplishedwith one tool, accelerating your time to answer. FEI’s innovative FlipStage moves your sample from milling to scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) imaging position in seconds, without breaking vacuum and ensuring the integrity of your sample. And with powerful, state-of-the-art components such as high-performance ion and electron columns, a highly stable stage, and reliable automation software, you can count on getting the most accurate and highest-quality data in the shortest time.

Fast, automated sample preparation
The Strata 400 family is ideal for STEM and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation. Now you can automatically prepare multiple thin-film samples in a single session for critical analysis. Strata enables you to obtain the thinnest possible sample with the slice-and-view capability of the DualBeam. You will also experience the benefits of improved sample quality from enhanced low kV milling with the ion beam. As a result, you save valuable time and minimize the potential for error. In addition, the ion beam for milling and electron beam for imaging inter-sect at your sample, providing unrivaled power to expose the exact feature of interest on your first attempt. Patented beam chemistries can also be used to highlight interface layers for imaging in the system without exposing the whole sample to potential contaminants, getting you the most accurate data possible.