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Seminar / Workshop - April 27, 2017

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April 27, 2017 Seminar/Workshop

Seminar / Workshop - April 28, 2017

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April 28, 2017 Seminar/Workshop

Phenom-World launches the all-in-one imaging and analysis system: Phenom proX

Date posted: March 27, 2012.

Phenom News

EINDHOVEN, March 1st, 2012 – With the newest product- Phenom proX, Phenom-World expands its product-portfolio with elemental analysis. This is implemented in line with all Phenom-World products: Maintaining the market leading quality... readmore

Phenom-world further extends the usability of Phenom G2 desktop SEM’s
with new and improved products

Date posted: March 27, 2012.

Motorized Tilt

Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder
With the launch of the Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder, details of features within the sample that have remained hidden so far, are easy to reveal.
The computer controlled operation enables smart 360° rotation and tilting from -10° to +45° via a dedicated Pro Suite application system ... readmore

Phenom-World launches the next generation of Phenom™ desktop scanning electron microscopes

Date posted: June 15, 2011.

World’s most efficient desktop scanning electron microscope

EINDHOVEN, March 1st, 2011 – When first launched in 2006, the Phenom™ desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) caused a stir with its 30 second load time, superb image quality and easy to use touch screen user interface. Phenom-World has built on that success and has launched the second generation of desktop SEMs; the Phenom G2 pro and the Phenom G2 pure... readmore

The Phenom Pro Suite

Date posted: Eindhoven, July 20, 2010.

Phenom-World BV, proud maker of the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope launched a new software product called the Pro Suite. Capable of four applications, the Phenom Pro Suite diversified the already remarkable functionalities of the Phenom by automated collection of images, visualization of samples in 3D, measure surface roughness and automated fiber analysis.With the introduction of the Phenom Pro Suite, the following four applications will be available... readmore