Sedico  Accessories

Hydride Generator WHG-102A2

This generator belongs to the flow injection type, which must be used together with the atomic absorption spectrophotometer (main unit).

The hydride atomic absorption method is used to determine trace elements such as arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, lead, tin, tellurium and germanium. The cold atomic absorption is used to determine mercury in the sample.

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Flame Autosampler ASC-900

Autosampler for the Phoenix-986 AAS Flame Mode
The autosampler is specially made for the Phoenix-986 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.
Its main function is to draw standards and samples, enrich and elute the samples with low-concentration and clean the sampling head and tubes automatically. The system is equipped with two sample trays.

The sample tubes in No. 1 sample tray are of larger capacities. They are suitable for enriching sampling. No. 2 sample tray is for routine sampling.
The system is controlled and managed through the Phoenix-986 special software AAWin1.2. supplied with the main instrument.

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Furnace Autosampler GFA-76

Sequential Auto-sampler allowing for the automated analysis of up to 76 samples.
The system is controlled by the PC and the data obtained stored in the results files of the system. The system allows the use of standards and blanks.

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