Extec  X-ray Microanalysis


EDAX introduces the new TEAMTM Analysis System to change the way you do Analysis Forever!

The TEAMTM Microanalysis system puts the knowledge and experience of an EDS Expert to work for you. Along with the implementation of Smart Features that provide analytical intelligence, the user can easily obtain quality and reliable results.

  • Smart Track - An Environment Panel provides a system status, monitors the system, and relays information about the operating conditions for your detector, stage, column, and more.
  • Smart Acquistion - Allows routine tasks to be automated for both ease of use and efficient use of your time.
  • Smart Phase Mapping - Automatically collect spectra, elemental maps, and phase maps with elemental distributions and associated spectra in no time with no user setup.
  • EXpert ID - Revolutionary Element ID - The most accurate element identification in one easy button.
  • Smart Data Review - Provides an innovative layout and project tree
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TEAM™ EDS Software

The TEAMTM software is designed with the latest sofware platform to optimize performance. Smart Features make up the core of the system. These Features save time by collecting the best data, the FIRST time. They assure consistent data, day after day, by dynamically adjusting an analysis to maintain quality and data integrity..

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Genesis Products

FEDAX offers the next generation in X-ray microanalysis systems for materials characterization.
The Genesis X-ray microanalysis system combines the technologically advanced EDS and WDS detectors, with the fastest digital pulse processing electronics and the most powerful microanalysis software available.

The Genesis X-ray microanalysis system is available in the Genesis Apex 2 for SDD based systems. The Genesis Apex 2 is a DPP III based, standard yet versatile X-ray microanalysis system.

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Genesis Microanalysis Software

The Genesis X-ray microanalysis software provides Results with Confidence via an easy user interface with all applications accessible from one window

The user can navigate around the software using the COPILOT, which is designed using Genesis' unique "90-90" rule (where 90% of users spend 90% of their analytical time).

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Genesis Microanalysis Software

EDAX offers a full range of EDS detectors, optimally designed to provide the ideal tool for any SEM or TEM.
The range of EDS detectors available include:

  • Si(Li) - the Sapphire Si(Li) detector - with LEAP+ crystals for the best light element performance of any Si(Li) detector in the EDS market today.
  • SDD - the Apollo SDD series including the Apollo X and Apollo XL - fulfills the promise of the latest Silicon Drift Detector technology. Superior light element performance with the best collection efficiency available. Capable of accepting extremely high count rates with excellent resolution.

  • All EDAX EDS detectors conform to ISO 15632:2002 specifying performance at productive count rates.

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Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Spectrometers (WDS)

EDAX offers the next generation of WDS, the LambdaSpec. The uniquely designed LambdaSpec is a parallel beam X-ray spectrometer, that will fit on all electron microscopes (and in most cases in the EDS port, if necessary).
The software has been designed to enable the LambdaSpec to be operated as an EDS system with an easy to use user interface, without having to consider wavelengths and angles. In fact, the LambdaSpec is a WDS system that acts like an EDS system.

The LambdaSpec includes five diffracting crystals a flow proportional counter and counting electronics and is available in two versions:

  • The LEXS (Low Energy X-ray Spectrometer)
  • The TEXS HP (Transition Element X-ray Spectrometer)

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Integrated Material Characterization Systems

To completely understand a material, whether it be naturally occurring or man-made, the scientist needs to determine the relationships between its physical properties, morphology, chemistry and crystallography.

EDAX offers a range of seamlessly integrated systems for full and advanced materials characterization including:

  • he Pegasus system - enabling the simultaneous collection of EDS (chemistry) and EBSD (crystallography) data, allowing direct correlation between the elemental content and microstructural aspects of the material being studied.
  • The Neptune system - the unique combination of EDS and WDS (LambdaSpec) systems for advanced chemical analysis
  • The Trident system - the ultimate materials characterization tool, seamlessly integrating EDS, EBSD and WDS, to provide the material scientist with the complete solution.

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