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Phenom PRO SUITE 3D Roughness Reconstruction

Phenom 3D Roughness Reconstruction Big

This fully automated application for the Phenom G2 pro scanning electron microscope will help to communicate imaging results and will extract and visualize data normally hidden within a sample.


3D imaging helps to interpret sample characteristics and makes images understandable for a larger group of users. it is often difficult, for example, to identify dents, scratches and burrs from flat 2D images.


Measuring the average roughness (Ra) and the roughness height (Rz) is critical for controlling and understanding production processes. By using SEM imaging for data collection, a much better resolution can be achieved than by using traditional (indirect) methods.

3d Roughness Reconstruction Map

The 3D Roughness Reconstruction application is a desirable addition to the phenom G2 pro when one or more of the following are required:

• Quality control in machining
• Texture analysis
• Evidence characterization
• Defect & failure analysis
• Wear analysis - tribology

The 3D Roughness Reconstruction application is available in the phenom pro Suite that contains multiple phenom G2 pro specific applications

Benefits of the 3D Roughness Reconstruction application:

• Outperforms optical and mechanical measurement systems:
- highresolution
- Insensitive for reflective samples
- Direct method
- non-destructive
3d Roughness Reconstruction Drillbit • Automated 3D image creation - full 3D
- 2D or 3D with colored height indication
- Filtered 3D for surface roughness

• Automated roughness measurement
- Ra (average roughness) and Rz (roughness height)
- User-set waviness filtering
- Up to 5 line measurements

• Height profile
• Position identification
• CSV – automatically generated statistical data
• FOV 2 mm to 10 μm
• 3D reconstruction in just a few seconds
• 512x512 pixel resolution

• Output:
- Line profiles
- CSV files
-2D/3D view images

Part of the Phenom Pro Suite
• Network storage enabled
• Phenom integrated system