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Phenom TM Pro X (Most advanced all-in-one system)

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Phenom proX provides the fastest time to seamless, worry free imaging and analysis.

Phenom-World products are known to be of high quality, fast, and easy to use. The Phenom proX completes the set of system capabilities for any industrial, development or re-search process.

The Phenom proX desktop scanning electron microscope is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system. With the Phenom proX desktop SEM, sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.

Viewing three-dimensional images of microscopic structures only solves half the problem when analyzing samples. It is often necessary to collect more than optical data to be able to identify the different elements in a specimen. This is accomplished in the Phenom with a fully integrated and specifically designed EDS detector.

Phenom Prox Specs

Magnification range 80 - 45,000x

Multi-channel analyzer with 2048 channels at 10eV/ch

High-speed X-ray analysis mode: 15 kV

Long-lifetime thermionic source (CeB6)

Sample loading in less than 30 seconds

Charge-reduction imaging mode: 5 kV

ESD Specifications Imaging Specifications
Detector -Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
- thermoelectrically cooled
(LN2 free)
Imaging modes
- Light optical
- Electron optical
- Magnification range: 20-120x
- Magnification range: 80-45,000x
- Resolution: 25 nm at 10 kV
- Long-lifetime thermionic source (CeB6)
- 5, 10 and 15 kV imaging and analysis mode
Detector active area - 25 mm2
X-ray window - Ultra-thin Silicon Nitride (Si3n4) window allowing detection of elements c to am
Energy resolution - Mn Kα ≤ 140 eV
X-ray processing capabilities - Multi-channel analyzer with 2048 channels at 10 eV/ch
- Max. input count rate: 300,000 counts per second
Hardware integration Software - fully embedded
- integrated in phenom proSuite
- Auto-peak ID - column and stage control
- iterative strip peak deconvolution
- advanced point-and identify element identification,confirmation and verification mode
- Confidence of analysis indicator