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Phenom G2TM Pro

PhenomG2Pure Big

The Phenom G2 pro is a high-end solution suitable for use with a large range of sample holders in a multitude of applications.

Phenom-World is focused on enabling you to keep up with continuously shrinking feature-sizes and increase your productivity, while bringing down the costs of analysis. the phenom G2 pro is the most effective, versatile and fastest desktop SeM available. Its unique design makes it suitable for use in a large variety of applications and markets.

The phenom G2 pro is the most advanced model in the phenom series. With improved detection hardware, a new electron source and a new navigation camera, it has become the most powerful desktop SeM. The zoom functionality of the navigation camera reduces the gap between optical and SeM imaging. The SEM magnification range has been increased and now extends from 80 to 45,000 times

The combination of a touch screen and the option of working with an optical mouse, allows even faster and more accurate navigation with the phenom G2 pro.

Phenom G2 Overview

Phenom G2 pro is the platform that offers automated and mechanized accessories such as pro Suite and active sample holders

Pro Suite is an application system that has been developed to further enhance the capabilities of the phenom system. Pro Suite enables maximum information to be extracted from images obtained on the phenom system. It offers multiple solutions to specific application needs. Pro Suite is a platform containing standard applications such as Measureit, automated image Mapping and Remote User interface. additional applications are fibermetric and 3D Roughness Reconstruction. Virtually all the properties of a sample can be revealed using the phenom G2 pro and pro Suite.


Imaging Modes
-Light Optical
-Electron Optical
Imaging module, 19” touch-screen monitor, rotary knob, mouse, diaphragm vacuum pump, power supply, USB 2.0 flash drive.

Magnification: 20 - 120x
Magnification range: 80 - 45,000x
Digital zoom: max. 12x
Phenom System  Photo
-Light Optical
-electron optical

   - accelleration Voltage
  - Resolution

Selectable axial and off-axis LEDs
Long-lifetime thermionic source
5 kV

25 nm
Phenom System Illumination
Digital Image Detection
-Light optical
-electron optical

Image Format
Image Resolution Options
Pixel Resolution

Color navigation camera
High-sensitivity backscattered electron detector (compositional and topographical modes)

456 x 456, 684 x 684, 1024 x 1024 and 2048 x 2048 pixels
Phenom System Colormanagement
Data Storage USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Sample Stage
Sample Size
Sample Loading Time
-Light optical
-electron optical
Computer-controlled motorized X and Y
25 mm (dia) x 30 mm (h)

< 5 s
< 30 s
Dimensions & Weight
-Imaging Module
-Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
-Power Supply

286 (w) x 566 (d) x 495 (h) mm, 50 kg
145 (w) x 220 (d) x 213 (h) mm, 4.5 kg

156 (w) x 300 (d) x 74 (h) mm, 3 kg
375 (w) x 203 (d) x 395 (h) mm, 7.9 kg
Ambient Temperature
15°C ~ 30°C (59°F ~ 86°F)
< 80 % RH

Single-phase AC 110 - 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 300 W (max.)